• REINAS project - "The Real-time Environmental Information Network and Analysis System (REINAS) is a distributed measurement-gathering environment built around one or morerelational database systems and supporting both real-time andretrospective regional scale environmental science."
  • SSRC - "The Storage Systems Research Center is part of the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Composed of faculty from the Computer ScienceComputer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering departments, our research focuses on caching, storage systems hierarchies, large-scale distributed storage systems, security and performance."
  • UCSC Telecollaboration Lab - The Telecollaboration Lab focuses on the educational applications of technology including: Multicast Video Conferencing, Collaborative large resolution tiled display spaces, Tablet PC technology, and archiving of lecture material.
  • CCRG - Computer Communication Research Group focuses on new algorithms, protocols, and architectures for wireless networks based on packet switching (i.e., packet-radio networks), internetworking, multipoint communication, and the control of resources by multiple administrative authorities.
  • CARNIVORE Project - The investigation of behavior of large predators using ad hoc wireless networks.

Recent Research Awards

  • 2005: Microsoft gift, “Advanced Classrooms Exploiting Tiled Displays and Student Computers”, $50,000
  • 2002-03:  NOAA, Center for Integrated Marine Technology (“Wind to Whales”), $201,624 (of total ~ $2M grant with Gary Griggs, Institute of Marine Sciences, et al.)
  • 2002-03 US Army Corps of Engineers, “Fort Ord Groundwater Remediation: Enhanced Water Quality Monitoring, Response Rates, Data Management, Visualization, and Treatment of Ground Water Contamination”, $440,520 (Russ Flegal, ETOX, co-PI)
  • 2002-04 Microsoft / California DiMI grant, “TeleEducation/ TeleCollaboration and Streaming Multimedia”, $217,430 (PI, co-PI’s JJ Garcia-Luna and Hai Tao)
  • 2001 Elected Fellow of the IEEE for “Leadership in engineering education, in research and in academic-industrial-government projects."
  • 1997-00 NSF, Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program – “Acquisition of UCSC ScientificVisualization Laboratory,” $460,000, (with J. Wilhelms, A. Van Gelder, J. Primack, and S. Faber.)
  • 1997-02 NSF, National Partnership for Advanced Computing Infrastructure (NPACI) – “Interactive Visualization of Real-Time Databases,” $830,000, (with S. Flatte, D. Long and A. Pang).